Efeu — Ivy

Efeu und Rosmarin auf Heidelbeere

Efeu rankt an Wänden
überzieht die Mauern mit Grün
und den Waldboden

Ivy climbs on railings
coating the walls with green
and the forest floor


3 Antworten zu “Efeu — Ivy

  1. So beautiful

  2. Hi, Holly,
    this time it is blueberry juice at photopaper, dried, put ivor and a twig rosmarin on the paper, then 2 days exposure time in bright spring sun were enough.
    A wonderful blueberry color came from the juice.
    It was from a glass with sterilized blueberries (eingeweckte Heidelbeeren).

  3. Wonderful results. I think it will make a beautiful addition to a collage, it’s truly lovely.

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