Auf festen Gleisen — On fixed tracks

Dresden Hauptbahnhof

Auf festen Gleisen
erfahre ich das Leben.
Dann kommt der Bahnhof.

On fixed tracks
I experience life.
Station is near.


4 Antworten zu “Auf festen Gleisen — On fixed tracks

  1. Hat dies auf dithyrambs & ditties rebloggt.

  2. Wonderful photo and metaphor!

  3. Hi Holly, thank you for this.
    The station is the main station in Dresden, and I took the picture using „Impossible“ polaroid.
    The train is there and will go to the next station.

    Did you see that the tracks seem to show away from you?
    But some go into your direction. Some show the universe.

  4. This is a fabulous shot filled with connations. I pulled out my old polaroid passed on to me and find it still works. 🙂 a miracle!

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