Kunst oder Müll? — Art or Junk?

mit der Vilia in Dresden


Jemand hat „June“
an die Sporthalle geschrieben.
Kunst oder Müll?

Somebody wrote „June“
at the wall of the sport centre.
Art or junk?


4 Antworten zu “Kunst oder Müll? — Art or Junk?

  1. gives one pause, June is a lovely name, month…I’m giving it a thumbs up!

  2. Indeed, it is a good word and design.
    Many people in German like blank walls, however.
    Others use them as canvass.

  3. „Graffiti is art taken to the next level“ It allows one to have a say. It may at times be nothing more than vandalism. Great photograph hutschi, thank you for the thought provoking image.

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