Rätsel — Riddle

Partielle Sonnenfinsternis 20.03.2015

Das Bild der Sonne
auf Papier.
Warum aber sind da zwei Sonnen?

The picture of the sun
on paper.
But why are there two suns?


3 Antworten zu “Rätsel — Riddle

  1. Though I have no clue, I am going to venture a guess, has it to do with refraction? I have been googling! Tell, please. 🙂

  2. No, it is a pinhole paper, but I took a keypuncher, and it made two holes into the paper. (Truely it made four, but I taped two.)

    So the cause is there were two pinholes.

    There are two very easy methods to vie the sun without burning your eyes if you do not use a filter.

    1. Cross your fingers so that they produce a kind of pinhole. Let the sun shine through it.
    The picture of the sun will be projected to the wall or floor. (I learned this method from a member of the aphog forum for anlougue photography.)

    2. Take a paper with a pinhole (ca. 5 mm = 1/5 inch) and let the sun shine through to the floor or against a wall.

    I put a white paper for better viewing.

    Viele Grüße von Bernd

    • We will be able to view an eclipse in the near future, perhaps May. Thanks for the information hutschi , enjoyed this .

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