Poet ABC

God’s first word answers All, you see;
When „A“ he cried was poetry!

The  Bard was smashing through the wood
a Ballad of Sir Robin Hood.

Carol in the afternoon;
twelve days of Christmas coming soon.

The Death creates his masterpiece,
the  Damsels need there handkerchiefs.

A baby cried an Epigram,
How Excellent – said uncle Sam.

The poet likes the Fairy tale,
Far more he likes the good old ale.

You know, the Gasel is exotic
and, Godness, yes, it is —  erotic.

A poet with a poet’s Heart,
engraves the Heaven with his art.

The Iambus fills without to halt
the Inside of the poet’s vault,

A well-known poet is sir John,
his Jolly verses are foregone.

In Iceland all the Kennings dwell,
much older than the Kyirelle.

When for a Love song you’re too thick,
sit down, and write a Limerick.

Your Manuscript was just rejected?
Don’t Matter, you are not effected.

The poet writing in the Night,
writes Notable in candle light .

My true love likes the lovely Ode,
although it is a bit Out-mode.

I call it Palindrome, my friend,
the  Punch: I start it at the end.

Long is the live, long is the Quest,
I sing Quatrains about the rest.

The Rhyme Royal — the good old stanza,
Reports the king’s extravaganza.

Spell one Sonnet when love is hot —
Ill-fated love? Then Spell a lot.

When you are writing a Tercet
it is like Trickling in corset.

My poetry is Underground
‚cause it includes Uncommon sound.

A special figure is Vers libre
its Voltage spreads through poet’s fibre.

The Waka once from Japan came,
to Write it is a fair old game.

Nobody knows the Xenolith,
it’s Xenoglossy just a bit.

The Yadu is a Burmese verse.
for You it’s  easy to rehearse.

Zen poetry is strange and old,
it Zig-zaggs through your mind when told.





6 Antworten zu “Poet ABC

  1. Beautiful! So glad you gave me another chance at this one!

  2. Thank you, Holly. It will take some time to get the last part ready (2/3), because I try to make them fit to content and language.
    If I have Englis mistakes, please do not hesitate and help.
    It is in development yet, this way it is also an experiment.

    Viele Grüße

  3. You engrave the cyberheavens with clever wordplay – well done 🙂

  4. Thank you. There are some verses remaining unfinished until „Z“

  5. When you are writing a Tercet
    it is like Trickling in corset.

    — can you understand this stanza?

  6. Hi Bernd, this is excellent. I would interpret „trickling“ as spilling, as in „spilling“ over the corset 🙂

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