What is a lanturne?

Hi, I like your lanturnes. Right yesterday I found this form.
It is very similar to the German „Elfchen“ – only Elfchen counts words rather than syllables.

Would you allo me to translate your poems?

Poetry Power

Uhm, excuse me.  Shouldn’t you be asking what is a „lantern“? 

Actually, it is a lanturne.  A lanturne is a five lined Japanese form of poetry with a syllabic pattern of one, two, three, four, one.  If you use your imagination, the basic shape of a lanturne does look like a lantern.  This is the type of poetry we learned about in our first writing class in September.  Here are a couple written by me, the teacher.





on your face;

telling of your


Stay tuned for our next post which will feature lanturnes written by our students.

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