Der Hüne – The Giant

Abriss Schulhort Eisenstuckstraße, Dresden, 2014

Der Hüne

Einst erschien auf einer Bühne
ein Hüne.
Die brach daselbst in tausend Stücke,
der Hüne in der Bühnenlücke
hat gestutzt
und blickte verdutzt,
denn es gab donnernden Applaus
im Haus.

The Giant

Once on a stage a giant stand –
the stage broke into pieces, and
the bigfoot at the stage sank down
starting to frown.
He looked so puzzled like a bird
but obviously was a nerd.
There roared a thunderous applause
in the house.



5 Antworten zu “Der Hüne – The Giant

  1. wonderful poetry and mishap for the unfortunate „giant“, he probably enjoyed being the center of attention! 🙂

  2. Thank you very much, Heartafire.
    Is the English version correct considering style?

    Indeed the giant enjoyed it.

    The ruin was a building for children, „Hort“ – a kind of children’s club.
    After unification they closed it, and water came through the roof.
    Now it will be replaced by flats.

  3. my take:
    A giant once stood on a stage –
    the stage broke into pieces
    and starting to frown,
    Bigfoot sank (fell) down.
    Looking as startled as a bird
    obviously he was a nerd.
    There roared a thunderous applause
    in the house.

    A little twist with words, I prefer yours, it is a more edgy and amusing.
    Well done, and thank you Bernd!

  4. Thank you very much. So be there two versions, Holly.

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