Grasähren – Grass ears

Grasähren , Anthotypie, auf Fotopapier für Drucker, beschichtet mit Rote-Rübe-Saft – Belichtung 3 Tage, davon 4 h starke Sonneneinstrahlung Grass ears, Anthotype, on photo paper for printers, coated with red beet juice – 3 days exposure, 4 h exposure to strong sunlight –

Auch ich
habe als Kind
Gras gekaut.

Me too
had chewed  as a child
grass ears.


3 Antworten zu “Grasähren – Grass ears

  1. Beautiful, love the soft lilac. I bit into what we call an „elephant“ ear when I was very small, the searing pain was excruciating. My grandmother fed me honey…don’t know if it did any good or not but it tasted better than elephant ear. 🙂

  2. Thank you very much. See also the drops at the picgture, the paper wept somehow and kept the tears of grass.

    Each flower or fruit and each paper gives different color. Very interesting.
    All of the products are unicates, they exist once and never for another time.

    The results contain chance, You cannot predict for sure.
    You even cannot predict the sun light.

  3. I see the teardrops, fascinating results and completely unpredictable, part of the mystery and charm.

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