Reis kochen — cooking rice

Reis kochen -- Cooking rice

Reis kochen — Cooking rice

Reis blubbert,
bildet fast-periodische Muster
aus Dampf

Rice bubbles,
creates quasi periodic clusters
from steam


3 Antworten zu “Reis kochen — cooking rice

  1. rice is at the top of my favorite foods…especially with sushi! great shot.

  2. The recipe was simple.
    One cup of rice, three cup of cold water, some salt. Bring it to cooking.
    Cook it on small flame for 10 … 15 minutes (depends on kind of rice).

    Usually it is ready when all of the water is in the rice.
    The classical recipe in German is to cook it in a lot of water and push the remaining water away.

    I was very astonished about the clusters. There are a kind of little volcanoes in almost the same distance and almost regular clusters – short before it is ready. Very interesting.

  3. It is very interesting…I have seen this before. Here we generally boil 2 cups of water to one cup of rice…salt of course, cover and simmer until the rice is tender (about 20 minutes). My mother cooked her rice the Japanese way and we called it „sticky rice“. I am particularly into risotto…love it! I suddenly have the urge for sticky rice , :-).

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