Knieküchle – Knee cookies



aus Teig
gut gebacken

made of dough
well baken







4 Antworten zu “Knieküchle – Knee cookies

  1. I’m getting out the rolling pin now. Yum!

  2. It is an interesting kind of pancake.
    I learned the recipe from my grandma. Indeed it is the saying that you are forming them at your knee, but I used my hands.
    They are very good and about 10 years ago I found the recipe in a baking book.
    I showed it my mother and she was very glad. She said that her mother (my grandma) didn’t show her how to do them.

    This was funny. I think they did not have time.

  3. Kartoffelpuffers are quite popular over here, served with applesauce, this is my first introduction to Kniescheiben, I’m sure they are delicious.

  4. „Formed on Kniescheiben“ is just a joke in the area they make it. I used it as metaphor.
    The real names are „Knieküchle“/Kniekeulchen, „Pfannkuchen“, and „Ausgezogene“.
    It is not like „Kartoffelpuffer“ but similar to donuts without hole. The hole is covered by a thin skin.
    I like Kartoffelpuffer, too.

    The picture was in the wikipedia. Many used it in their blogs or newspapers.

    Here are several ones.
    May be, you find my picture of this there.

    You can see that the most are indeed similar like formed on a knee.
    Four pictures show right now this bakery, the others are wrong placed there, at the moment.

    And they are delicious, indeed.

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