Glockenblume – Bell Flower


dem leisen Läuten
der Glockenblume

to the silent ringing
of the bell flower


8 Antworten zu “Glockenblume – Bell Flower

  1. Thank you very much, Mary.
    It is a cyanotype (cyanography).
    One of the oldest photographic technique (1842)

  2. This is so beautiful I can not resist displaying it at Heart.. Thank you Hutschi.

  3. Hat dies auf Heartafire rebloggt und kommentierte:
    I can not resist this work of art…please see the original for the technique use in its creation.
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  4. Thank you very much.
    It took me more than 60 years to find this kind of art for me. Here I used sun print paper.
    Later I will use selfmade paper for the cyanotype.

    Until now I prepared 4 pictures, so one is left for publication.

    I taught children how to do it, and it is really rather easy.

    I read that one of the first photobooks and the first photo book of English plants was made using this method, ca. 1850.
    And the pictures were stabile, unlike many color photos of today.

  5. I would like to place this on my wall, that is how beautiful it is.

  6. Hat dies auf By the Mighty Mumford rebloggt und kommentierte:

  7. Thank you. It was my very first picture using this kind of picture making.

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