Ende des Filmes – End of the film

Ende des Filmes - End of the film

Das Ende des Filmes enthält kein Bild.
Das Ende des Filmes erscheint leer.
Und doch ist es künstlich.
Und doch wird es Kunst.
Was kommt danach?

The end of the film has no Picture.
The end of the film is empty.
But nevertheless it is artificial.
But nevertheless it becomes art.
What is behind?


2 Antworten zu “Ende des Filmes – End of the film

  1. the end of the film is a stunning metaphor as I interpret this. It is beautiful but as I read it, somehow poignant. Perhaps it is because I burned my toast this morning.
    My best dear hutschi,

  2. Thank you, Holly, indeed it is a metaphor. When I started to write it, I did not see it. I wrote the first four lines and it was just a little joke. When I read it again, I found the potential as metaphor and added the last line.
    This extended the metaphor essentially.

    Viele Grüße von Bernd

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