ein reicher Platz mit vielen Schätzen
wunderschöne Architektur

a rich place, a precious place,
wonder of architecture

Das Bild zeigt eines der Gebäude.
Der Schlosspark war für die Bevölkerung bis vor Kurzem über zweihundert Jahre offen.
Seit etwa zwei Jahren wird jetzt Eintritt verlangt.

The picture shows one of the buildings.
The Park was open for visitors for about 200 Years.
Since about two years you have to buy tickets now.


4 Antworten zu “Pillnitz

  1. If ever I get to Dresden ( that’s a long shot :_)) I will certainly visit Pillnitz, on reading up I find one can only tour inside between May and Oct. Thank you for the beautiful post.

  2. Hi, you will come into the park between Nov. and April without payment. I am not sure about exact dates. I will post more pictures, but not all at once.

  3. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Dresden and the additional information about Pillnitz.

  4. Hi, it may be interesting that the name ends with „itz“. In Saxony it is a hint that the name is old. It comes from the time when it was Slavonic area. It is related to water, to river. There are many places with the „itz“ ending here. Blasewitz, Chemnitz, many more.

    Wikipedia gives a lot of additional information.

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