Frauenkirche – Lady’s Church

Frauenkirche - Lady's Church

Die Frauenkirche
am Neumarkt
in Dresden,
aus Ruinen,
die Mahnmal sein sollten
gegen neue Kriege.

ist wieder
für Kämpfe

Natürlich für Frieden und Freiheit.

The Lady’s church
at the New Market
in Dresden,
from ruins
supposed to be
against war.

is ready
for new fights.

Of course for freedom and peace.


2 Antworten zu “Frauenkirche – Lady’s Church

  1. this is beautiful photo, Hutschi, such glorious architecture, breathtaking. A Wonderful text as well. May we all live in peace and freedom. This is a most interesting post! Thank you.

  2. The place in front of the ruins of the church is where the meetings against war and for peace took place during the GDR time. Later it was forbidden, because neofascistic groups tried to occupy this.

    During the GDR time the official policy was to protest against anglo-american bombing. But the real Meetings did not ignore history and were Meetings for peace.

    We should not forget that it was a result of the Nazi war.

    It was a result of starting the war. It was the echo.

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