Mosaikbrunnen – Mosaic fountain

Mosaikbrunnen - Mosaic fountain

Direkt aus dem Märchenland –
der Mosaikbrunnen
im Großen Garten
in Dresden

Mosaikbrunnen - Mosaic fountain

Like a fairy tale;
the mosaik fountain
in the Large Garden
in Dresden


5 Antworten zu “Mosaikbrunnen – Mosaic fountain

  1. The tiles are stunning beneath the clear green water. May I reblog?

  2. You are welcome to do so.

  3. Hat dies auf Heartafire rebloggt und kommentierte:
    This is lovely photography. I would like to splash barefoot in this inviting crystal clear water.

  4. It was build for a gardening exhibition in 1926, and was supposed to be removed after it. Fortunately, they let it there. It was not build to stand for a long time (wrong material). The weather conditions started to destroy it and for some years it was in bad state. But it was reconstructed and works again.
    It is one of the nicest places in „Großer Garten“ (Large Garden)
    This is a large public park with a park railway, a zoo, castles, water, meadows, old trees, all very nice.

  5. 1929…It is holding up well. I will return to Europe some day and this time, I will not miss out on visiting Dresden. Thanks so much, Hutschi.

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