Old and new

in Dresden
and Electrical wire

Alt und neu

in Dresden
und elektrische Drähte


5 Antworten zu “Zwinger

  1. Hi, hutschi, breathtaking architecture and history caught in this photograph;
    the electrical wiring seems out of place with this ancient architecture. There is a fascinating article about this beautiful city in Wikipedia that I recommend for those of us not „in the know „. Thanks for this great post!
    My best,

  2. Indeed Dresden has very nice old architecture.
    The Dresden People do not like much to change architecture to hypermodern.
    Unfortunately, the new planner have destroyed a lot of buildings made during GDR, and replaced it by today standard buildings – mostly supermarkets or Shopping malls.
    Hudertwasser wanted to build an house in his style beneath such historical places, but Dresden did not allow this.

    The Zwinger was destroyed during world war II and soon after the war it was reconstructed.

  3. I have reblogged this hutschi, I hope it is ok. Destroying these stunning works of art is unthinkable. I would like to share the beauty of this renaissance architecture and the concept of advancement subtlety encroaching. It’s brilliant. Many Thanks!

  4. Hat dies auf Heartafire rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Old and new…Perfectly perceptive!

  5. Hi, it was Barock (baroque) architecture with some later influence of Rokoko in the insight.
    In the court they play theatre in the summer time.

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