Orchideen vom Sirius
verspeisen langsam und bedächtig
unser Sonnensystem

Crystal worlds
Orchids from Sirius
eat slowly and with care
our solar system.


5 Antworten zu “Kristallwelten

  1. Our solar system is fragile, not unlike crystal, and as delicate as the golden Orchid named after the dog star constellation. Thank you for this beautiful post and the translation. I imagine it is a message about the abuse and devouring of our environment, I could be wrong of course.

  2. I would like to share this if I may.

  3. Hi, Heartafire, you may share it, I am lucky.
    When I inserted the Picture, the words came by themselves. This was rather strange, it is like attenting a Rohrschach test, the words just appeared.
    There is a Connection to Science Fiction, and maybe, to Environment.
    But there is also some hope.

  4. I love your description of how this originated, The science fiction background puts a new slant on this… Wunderbar!

  5. Reblogged this on Heartafire and commented:
    science fiction, the art of what is possible. Wonderful!

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