Licht fällt in die Realität
Licht dringt in den Strahlengang
Licht verwirrt die Sinne im Spalt im Raum

Light falls into reality
light enters the way of beams
light confuses the senses in the crack of the room


5 Antworten zu “Litfass-Säule

  1. this if fascinating hutschi, light confuses the senses … the physical energy of light signals into electrical impulses that travel to the brain (wiki). Wonderful post about this phenomenon, wonderful photography and writing as always.
    my best!

  2. Fabulous post hutschi, thank you for this! have a wonderful day, Holly

    On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 5:33 AM, Neues vom Hutschi wrote:

    > hutschi posted: „“

  3. Only I do not translate word by word, but what I want to express.
    I hope my English is good enough.

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